We produce multimedia shorts for a variety of sharing venues, some of our content is free, most cost less than 25 cents each.

Due to an inability to protect our copyrights on mobile multimedia file sharing networks, all consumer luvdart production was halted in March 2011. This production stoppage does not mean that we are out of business or that consumer luvdarts are not available from authorized distributors.  We shall resume production of new content once these copyright issues are resolved for the greater good.

Luvdarts & DigiPie are still involved in a legal battle with the carriers over these issues, details are on the right.

Legal briefs in chronological order in this case are below, or in other words,"Do you really understand what's going on?"

Luvdarts' Opening Brief
Request for Judicial Notice

Carriers' Opposition to Judicial Notice

Carriers' Answering Brief

Luvdarts' Reply Brief

Luvdarts' 2012 Request for Judicial Notice

Carriers' 2012 Opposition to Judicial Notice

Ninth Circuit Opinion 2013

Press Releases are here

Join the struggle for balancing copyrights with new technologies here - it CAN be done!


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The Register’s Call for Updates to U.S. Copyright Law
House Committee on the Judiciary – Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet
March 20, 2013


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